About & CV

Lindsey Glover in studio

Hello, I’m Lindsey Glover. My home and studio is in Trumansburg, NY, just north of Ithaca. I live there with my husband, Louis DiPietro, and our dog, Ada. I’m originally from Western, NY and grew up in Olean.

My work is primarily lens-based and includes photography, video, printmaking and installation. Digital technology plays a large role in my process from capture to final output, however, in the early stages of a project I often work in a tactile and sculptural way. Many of my projects begin through collections of naturally occurring forms in nature or of photographic site studies. I look for threads of connection in my studio and build on these ideas. It is through this process I begin to see what form a project will ultimately take. 

I had the great fortune to attend two universities that supported a hybrid approach to creation, allowing me to work across several mediums. In 2005, I completed my BFA from NYS College of Ceramics at Alfred University, School of Art and Design, and in 2008, I received MFA from Cornell University, College of Architecture, Art and Planning. I currently work for the College of AAP at Cornell University as a digital media specialist where I help students in the development and creation of projects. A big part of my role at Cornell is running large-format inkjet printers as well as teaching workshops in digital imaging, editing and printing. As technology continually changes and opens up new possibilities for creation, I often find myself in a happy medium between learning and teaching. 

My interests, ideas, and concepts are the foundation for my projects and what connects my work across mediums. There’s always a bit of unknown as I’m starting something new in my studio and it’s rare that my work turns out exactly as I had envisioned from the initial concept. I have found that projects have a way of evolving on their own if I give them my time and energy to grow.

This site contains some of my current and past works, as well as my blog, Love of Trees. The work on this site is organized by medium to make navigation easiest, however, I rarely think of my projects in these medium-specific categories, but rather as branches on a large tree. 

Thanks for stopping by!