Tiny Trees

I recently came across some 35 mm film from my trip to Germany in the spring of 2007. Tara Cooper and I traveled there together for an international printmaking show and residency at the Kloster Bentlage Museum in Rhine. We traveled by train though Frankfurt, Cologne and other small towns along the Rhine River. While passing through one train station (which one, I can't recall) we stumbled upon this intricate train set in the lobby.

It's curious, looking back at these images, to see that my framing centers on the foliage in the landscape, opposed to the buildings, trains or bridges. These photos were taken prior to my plant-based works, but they hint at some things I was thinking about during that time in graduate school. These images are also of interest to me because of a project I'm currently working on that involves constructing miniature landscapes. I've been thinking more about scale relationships in photographic images.