Pine Barren

A month has passed and I’ve been averaging about five trees a day (*see October’s post for context). There is nothing like a deadline to get motivated and to work twice as hard. I have a solo show opening at the Olean Public Library Gallery in January and I plan to finish and frame the work by the end of the December. The show will include my Satellite series, as well as this new work, Pine Barren, a set of four 20” x 20” prints. I have a lot of work ahead, but it’s starting to take shape.

Here’s a little write-up I put together about the work for the back of the show card:
The lives of plants unfold around us, quietly persistent and often unnoted.  Their movement is subtle and accumulates with time: moss spreads across our roofs; leaves pile up in our yards. When we stop to observe these singular forms, their inherent evolutionary intelligence comes forward. In reimagining their predicted behaviors and forming new landscapes from plant fragments, I aim to create alternative environments that are at once familiar and otherworldly.

The show  will be on display from January 7- February 25. 

Pine Barren no. 1, Archival Ink Jet Print, 20" x20", 2015