Pine Tree Slide

Pine Tree Slide , 2:40, 2017

Pine Tree Slide, 2:40, 2017

This month I was part of the Cube Art Project in Lincoln, Nebraska. A total of 23 artists and 31 digital projects were selected for this biannual competition and screened on a large format, three-dimensional outdoor monitor (the Cube) located in the Railyard (pictured below). The selected works will be on rotation for the year.

Two of my videos are being screened as part of this revolving display of digital works, including a new piece I created specifically for this unique space and format, Pine Tree Slide, as well as Glacial Lake, a piece I’ve previously screened at the Icebox Project Space in Philadelphia and at the SUNY Cortland Dowd Gallery. 

As the source material for Pine Tree Slide, I used some of my photographs of ferns arranged to look like pine trees. I had initially composed these photos for a different purpose but ultimately hadn’t used them for anything. The images sat around until recently when I started to work with them again. As a moving image, the contours of the ferns overlap to reveal or conceal the underlying image creating a kaleidoscope effect.

Pine Tree Slide  playing on the Cube at the Railyard Photo credit: ColorKey Media

Pine Tree Slide playing on the Cube at the Railyard
Photo credit: ColorKey Media