Cider Week

Good Life Farm

The beginning of October was Cider Week in the Finger Lakes region. On the last days of the week-long list of events, Lou and I visited two locations on the map nearest to us; the Finger Lakes Cider House at Good Life Farm and Redbyrd Orchard. We tasted some local hard ciders and wandered around the farm properties. Both of these spots are no more than about five miles from our house in either direction. We have so many agriculturally-minded folks around us– it’s inspiring to discover new and amazing things people are doing just up the road. I have enormous admiration for those who make a career out of growing things. 

Greenhouse at Good Life Farm

White geese at Redbyrd Orchard hanging among the young apple trees

Looking back at the road from Redbyrd Orchard

Sheep at Redbyrd Orchard