From Concolor to Canaan

A post-Thanksgiving tradition when I'm home visiting family includes going to a local Christmas tree farm to pick out a pine for the house. This year we went to Johnson’s Santas’ Forest in Franklinville, NY.

I’ve always found it enjoyable to walk around the strait rows of triangularly trimmed trees searching for the one that will be part of our house for the coming month. 

It was a wet day and we sloshed around the grounds looking for a Concolor tree, similar to what we had last year. There was a limited selection of this particular type, so we scouted some other varieties nearby and settled on a Canaan Fir with a wide base that was a good height for our ceilings. 

I did feel a pang of sadness as we carried away our selected tree, leaving a stump in its place, but I’m glad there’s a market for Christmas trees that encourages people to plant so many varieties of pines in the first place.

It never fails to be a surprise bringing the tree inside the house. It looks relatively small in the field among the other trees, but it becomes an enormous presence once it's part of the living room. 

Happy tree season everyone!

From left to right: Megan, Kevin, Mike and Marieke